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the literary events of the Kriya fest held on 9th and 10th of January, 2020

 The literary events of the Kriya fest were conducted on 9th of January 2020. The institution stood witness to the talents and capabilities of the students participating in various events charted out to be held throughout the day. It was indeed a blissful affair as far as the students of the institution were concerned as it marked the recognition of a new era of talents. The events started sharp at 9.45 am. The events were conducted at various venues over the campus including the recreation hall and conference hall. The first event to be conducted in the day was English recitation. Judgments were pronounced right after the competition and the results were collected to be announced the next day. Debate competitions of all three languages (Hindi, English and Malayalam) drew the attention of students as the participants contemplated over various socially relevant issues. The programmes were charted out such that students interested in participating in multiple items could approach their venues and ensure their participation for all of them. All the interactive events were charted for the ninth of January.


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Literary events of the Kriya Fest
The second day of the Kriya fest involved items like short story writing in languages including Sanskrit and Arabic. These events showcased not only literary skills of the students but also multi-lingual proficiency. The events were conducted solely in the Library. Topics clubbing together various events undergoing heated discussion all over the globe were chosen for the events and they were indeed an eye-opener for the students.

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