Students’ Counselling Centre

A group of compassionate seniors get together and offer counselling, study aids and material support for the underprivileged students who approach them. A qualified counsellor is also appointed by the Centre who offers advice to the students and recommends select students for assistance by way of study or material aids.



A gymnasium with state-of-the-art equipment is at the disposal of both staff and students.


Indisposed students can rest in the infirmary. Basic amenities such as First Aid are also provided.


Textbooks, notebooks, Science Records and students’ requisites can be had from the College Store.


The Canteen provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and snacks



A branch of the Central Bank of India functions in the college premises. It provides all the banking facilities for the staff and students.

Green House

Bio Gas Plant

Vocational training Centre

Students are given training for fashionand beauty Terchnology, candle making, umbrella making and flower making. Katate classes are also provided to students to make them physically and mentally strong.


Guest Room


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