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Welcome to the Department of Hindi


The genesis of the Hindi department may be traced back to July 1964 when it was established and became functional on July 1965. By the year 1970, the department benefited from the commitment and hard work of four faculty members. During 1986, the department faculty strength rose to five when a new member was inducted to fill in a retirement vacancy. The year 2000 witnessed the exodus of all senior members.

At present the department has two faculty members.


A community proficient in Hindi language.


Enhancement of the knowledge and sharpening of the skills of the students in the use of Hindi as a medium of communication thereby facilitate the popularisation of Hindi as a national language.


  • Effective use of the class room environment to facilitate the students’ learning process in Hindi Language and Literature;
  • Organise seminars and workshops on topics relevant to Hindi language and Literature;
  • Promote the students’ reading habits in Hindi through the fruitful use of the college and department library;
  • Facilitate students’ participation in various literary competitions in Hindi Language;
  • Conduct literary classes in Hindi for the benefit of the women in the locality;
  • Facilitate the students learning of Hindi language through remedial coaching and tutorials;
  • Reach out to the marginalised students.


Hindi, offered as a Second Language for Under Graduate Studies.