• Students should be on time Five minutes before the commencement of the examination, there will be a long bell at which all should enter the hall. Al the second bell the question papers will be distributed.
  • No books and notes should be taken into the examination hall and strict silence shall be observed.
  • No paper should be detached from the answer books. No paper with the College/University seal should be removed from the examination hall
  • Ten minutes before the end of the examination a warning bell will be rung after which no one should leave the hall, at the close of the examination-a long bell will be rung at which all will handover their papers and leave the hall.
  • Students who finish early should leave the premises in silence.
  • No Student will occupy- any other chair than her own without the consent of the invigilator
  • Parents and Guardians should inform the Principal in time if their children or wards are unable to appear for an examination as absence from Terminal Examination will be viewed seriously.
  • Students who absent themselves from the Terminal Examinations will have to pay a fine. If absent on grounds of illness at Medical Certificate will have to be produced.
  • Students should bear in mind that, If through unforeseen circumstances a college examination on a particular day is cancelled the examination timetable remains intact and the particular examination which is cancelled will be held on the working day immediately following the scheduled time-table.
  • As soon as the examination reports are handed over to the students or received by the parents or guardians by post, students should got them signed and return them to their Class Teachers.

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