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Welcome to the Department of French

The teaching of French as second language has been part of the curriculum right from the inception of the College. Founded in 1964, the French department has constantly envisaged the promotion of French Language, culture & civilization.


The program aims at imparting fundamental, appropriate and socio-economically relevant knowledge in French for beginners and to raise the students’ efficiency in French by strengthening their capacities for critical thinking and independent work.



  • Explore new areas of knowledge that could enhance acquisition of French as a foreign language.
  • Promote global awareness through the study of French Literature and Culture
  • Emphasize the interrelatedness of language, culture and literature.
  • Encourage advanced study of French at the graduate or professional levels.
  • Provide opportunities to develop critical thinking skills in French
  • Organize extracurricular activities through workshops, competitions, film festivals, food festivals and so on

Courses offering French as second language

Course Manuel Semester
B.A/B.Sc Panorama I, II, III & IV
B.Com Francais.Com I, II
B.A Communicative English Nouveau Sans Frontière I, II

Head of the Department