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Welcome to the Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology was started with the inception of the college in1964, and the graduate programme was introduced in 1967. Prof M. Koshy was the first Head of the Department. His pioneering efforts resulted in developing the infrastructure of the department as well as establishment of the Departmental Museum. With his retirement in1972, Prof. Anna Micheal shouldered all responsibility to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the Department. Her successor, Prof. Mariam Kuruvila was Head of the Department from 1996 -1998. Owing to both their efforts, the Department of Zoology emerged as one of the best departments of the college. Prof Lisy Antony assumed charge from 1998-2004. She was succeeded by Dr. Usha Balaraman, who retired in March 2006 followed by Smt. Sreelatha B. who retired in March 2008. The former teachers include stalwarts like Prof. Saramma Mathew, Prof. Mary Thomas and Prof. Aleyamma Varghese. Since then Department is headed by Dr. Dhanalekshmy.T.G. The team of faculty includes Smt. Divya Grace Dilip, Dr.Siny .G.Benjamin and Dr.D.Sherly. The Department always aim at promoting the spirit of innovative research among its students by motivating and guiding them.


The mission of the department is to educate, identify, encourage and introduce dynamic, talented and aspiring scientists into the ever growing field of science, with hope that they will work to strengthen the backbone of Indian research.


Is to provide a sound education in basic science and to promote discovery and learning at all levels of biological organization such as molecular, cellular, organism, and ecosystem to make the students recognize the essential roles of science and biology in their lives today and tomorrow. Transform society through the empowerment of women through education and provide educational services to the weaker sections of society.




Head of the Department