Dr.Deepa M. is an academician par excellence who has several paper publications and presentations to her credit. She has completed three research projects and guided many Ph.D scholars and all this is a testimony to her exemplary research credentials. She has lent her administrative and academic acumen towards shaping policy decisions of the institution. She also served as the Head of the Department of Physics before assuming charge as Principal on 1st January, 2020.


Principal's Message

Education has always been a tool of empowerment and here at All Saints', we believe in imparting quality education to young women who will emerge as our torchbearers in moulding the world around us. All Saints' family has always been committed to the noble cause of social empowerment through education and we strive to carry our mission forward through our students. When the sisters of CCR established this college in 1964, they had a very noble dream of social upliftment through education. Throughout our journey, we have been conscientiously following the ideals and aspirations upheld by our dear Sisters.


Our students are our greatest pride and we instil in them the values of compassion and diligence. As we stand on the threshold of an anthropocentric world, it is extremely important that our students recognise and embrace the concept of sustainable knowledge. We encourage our students to address and rectify the various environmental concerns that surround us. Together, the All Saints' family will be able to make a difference as we firmly believe that we are the change that we want to see in our world.

Dr. Deepa M

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