Objectives: Holistic growth of the hostelites

Mission: Providing education with a purpose through value based education.

Purpose: To ensure the upliftment of the girls, through education.

The iconic All Saints’ Hostel was established in 1969 on the premises of the Holy Angels’ School and aimed to accommodate young women from all stations of life and were determined to gain a meaningful educational experience. The Hostel was founded with the intention that distance or lack of access should not be a stumbling block in a young woman’s quest for a better life through the agency of education. 

A year later, on June 16th 1970, the hostel was shifted to the present college campus with 148 students. It was started with just one block; the present college canteen was then used as the mess hall, and the current recreation hall in the college was used as the chapel of the hostel. Gradually as the   students increased in number, more blocks were constructed, and in the year 1975 the hostel complex was completed and equipped with facilities and had the capacity to accommodate 250 students. 

Over the decades, the hostel has been home to our international students, NRI and outstation students as well as to those students who live nearby but have limited facilities or means of travel from their homes.

A sense of community is inculcated in the hostelites, enabling them to live with one another in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. The hostel monitors the students and keeps watch over their emotional and spiritual needs. There are counselling measures in place for those who feel out of place or a sense of disconnect from their families. Daily morning mass, rosary and spiritual exercises like confession, faith building gatherings like Jesus Youth and faith sharing are attended by the students, thereby helping them find spiritual solace and inspiration. Coaching is given to students to read during mass, which improves their command over English.Keen interest is taken to increase the academic performance of the students. Daily study hours are stipulated to maintain regularity in study patterns. Regular remedial classes and spoken English classes are also conducted for the students to help improve their academic level.

Co-curricular activities are given much importance in the hostel to bring out the hidden talents among the students. Every week English and Malayalam singing practices are held. Sports and games are also encouraged for the students’ better physical growth and fitness; they are provided with both indoor and outdoor sports equipment for the same. Yearly excursion is organized for the students so as to help them bond better with each other and enjoy their youthful days in the hostel. Each new academic year the freshers are welcomed with the “Fresher’s Day” programme, which includes a couple of cultural activities by the senior students to make them feel right at home.  Celebrations and cultural programmes too are organized by the community for the students to encourage family spirit through Onam and Christmas. The hostelites participate in all the activities in full spirit through singing, competitions, games and refreshments. At the end of every year a farewell party for the final year outgoing students is organized with a parting message. 

The hostel regularly organizes cultural programmes and get togethers for the students. 

The hardwork of our pioneers down the years has borne rich harvest and the fruits of their labour are seen in the achievements. As we move down the memory lane we see the various developments that have taken place. 

  Rev. Mother Mary Frances has great passion for the up liftment of the hostelites and has always taken keen interest in the holistic growth of the hostelites and ensured that they have the best of the facilities. Hence, Mother M. Frances has completely renovated the entire hostel block in 2019.

Rev. Sr Mary Freda is the present sister- in- charge as well as the warden who tirelessly works for the betterment of the community and the hostelites. Sister takes keen interest in their all round development. 

All Saints’ Hostel is a byword for an ideal environment for young women to discover their potential and to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. It is an institution that houses not only the students, but also their fond memories, their dreams and aspirations. 


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