Rules and Regulations

 Identity Cards and Tags :

College identity tags should be worn compulsorily in the campus. All payments, issue of certificates, marklist etc will be made only on production of the identity Card. The identity Card shall be surrendered to the office at the time of claiming the refund of caution deposit or issuing of transfer certificate .whichever earlier.

Mobile Phones :

The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited on campus. As per the government order they will be confiscated with a fine.

Cyber Ethics :

Students must not post derogatory or unfavourable comments against the college, teachers or other students on online platforms such as Facebook. Doing so is punishable as per the Indian Penal Code. Strict action will be taken by the college against students who are found guilty of this offense.

Ragging –A serious criminal offence :

Ragging is a cognisable offence and is banned in the institution. Complaints regarding ragging should be lodged with the Anti-Ragging Cell. Stern action will be taken against those found guilty of participating in or abetting ragging. Action taken will depend on the nature and gravity of the offence: 

  • Suspension from classes
  • Debarring from examination
  • Expulsion from the college

No leniency will be shown in this regard. Those found guilty are also liable to be punished by the Court of Law and can be sentenced to rigorous imprisonment up to 3 years. Every student has to submit a duly filled and signed undertaking against ragging to the anti-ragging cell.

Political Activities banned:

Political Activity is strictly banned in the college as per the Honorable High Court. Students must not (i) circulate any note or paste it anywhere in the College (ii) collect money or (iii) organise any meeting, without the permission of the Principal.


1. During Assembly all members of staff and students are expected to observe silence till the National Anthem is over

2. Students should come to College on time, neatly and modestly dressed.

3. Exemplary behaviour is expected from all the students both on and off campus. Students must behave in a manner befitting the principles and ethics of the college.

4. Students must keep the College clean and tidy. They have to compensate for any loss to college property.

Other Rules and Regulations

1. College notice boards should be consulted daily.

2. The bus cards must be brought every day. The cards are to be returned on or before the closing date.

3. Students are not permitted to leave the campus during class hours.

4. Students are not permitted to have visitors in College.

5. Free hours must be spent in the library.

6. Unauthorized collection of funds by students is not permitted. No money may be collected without the sanction of the class teacher or the Principal.

7. Prior written permissions of the Principal is necessary for organizing meetings, entertainment programmes, functions in the college;for collecting funds from the students/staff and for distributing notice or putting up any notice on the noticeboard.

8. Students shall not write or make any marks on the walls or any part of the college property. If found guilty, they are liable to be punished and the expenses for the repair work will be recovered from the offenders.



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