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Welcome to the Department of Economics

Faculty of the Department

The Department of Economics was started in 1967 and it has grown over the years both quantitatively and qualitatively. The Department of Economics today caters to over 75 students who enroll for the degree programme every year. We have had in our midst well reputed teachers in Economics like Mrs. Sita Narayanan, Mrs. Doreen D’Silva, Dr Krishnambal Vasudevan, Mrs. Dhanalekshmy Subramony,Mrs Patricia Louis and Mrs Leelamma B P .The Department has at present 3 permanent faculty members:Mrs Susan Edel Lopez, Mrs. Mary Alice George and Miss Jiji Vijayan.

Courses offered

The Department offers degree programme in Economics which comprises of 14 Core papers and 8 complementary papers. Economics is also offered as a complementary course to the students of BA programme in History.

Facilities of the Department

All class rooms are well furnished and can seat students comfortably. There is a smart class room for the department which makes teaching more effective, innovative and ICT based. The department is equipped with a well stocked Reference Library. Relevant topics are discussed in class. The department has a computer with internet connection also.

Regular activities

  • Teachers and Students use Audio Visual Aids to make lectures and presentations.
  • Faculty members of other colleges and resource persons are invited to make lectures on current topics.
  • The department of economics organizes essay and debate competitions on various topics.
  • The teachers of the department identify academically weak students and give them remedial coaching.
  • Financially weak students are given assistance from PTA and OSA funds.
  • Students with personal problems are given counseling by the teachers and are encouraged to meet the counselor of the college.
  • Students are encouraged to use the main and department libraries regularly.
  • Students are assessed on the basis of internal exams, seminars, discussions etc.
  • A record of academic performance and bio data of the students are maintained in the department.

Head of the Department