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Welcome to the Department of History and Politics

History is totally a conventional subject that is least sought after in the modern world of information technology. Yet, ironically enough, it is the History Department of All Saints College that parents the maximum number of students. The U.G Course in History was started in the year 1967. At present the department is run only but three permanent members in History and one for Political Science.

Every year, a good percentage of students, who are admitted in History Department, hail from the nearby socially, economically and educationally backward coastal regions. Therefore, these students have to be instilled with self confidence. Many of them, who enter the course with only pass mark (35%) for qualifying examination, comes out victorious securing more than 50% marks in the final examination. The faculty members work hard in order to achieve this result. We got the Ist rank in B.A History in 2004 and Ist & IInd rank in B.A History in 2010.

Students are given opportunities to discuss relevant topics and issues. They are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and to engage in extension work through different associations. Nearly 80% of the prize winners in sports belong to this Department only.

Periodical Departmental meetings are held to discuss and decide allocation of works, to plan and execute association activities, to discuss and finalize the questions for terminal examination etc. The class teacher closely interacts with students and helps to solve their problems. Every year the final year students are taken to historically important places for excursion. Seminars and poster exhibitions are conducted under the auspicious of the History and Economics Association.

The teachers actively participate in seminars and workshops organized by the University and other organizations. The faculty members cover the entire syllabus by giving lectures. In addition to teaching materials like charts, maps etc, audio-visual applications like power point presentation and smart class are also utilized. Modern, general and connected topics are discussed by conducting debates and quiz completion in the tutorial hour. Indifferent and problematic students are given individual attention and proper counseling with a view to bring them to mainstream.

Head of the Department