Arts Club                                                                                                             2015-2016 report

The Arts Club is the wing of the College that bears responsibility for conducting various cultural programmes and competitions within the campus. The Club also supervises and trains our students for intercollegiate, state and national level competitions. The Club also organises a two-day Film Festival in the campus.
The Sixth Sense Quiz Club
The Club meets on a weekly basis with the aim of helping students to acquire a strong base in General Knowledge. It encourages the students to keep in touch with current affairs.
Harmony, the Music Club
Harmony is a platform to showcase the musical talents of our students. At Harmony, students learn more about different kinds of music like folk, light, western, ghazal, classical and fusion music. The Club meets every week with the aim of promoting the hidden musical talents of our students without any kind of competitive attitude.
Bonjoue All Saints’
French Club offers students the opportunity to learn French through French cinema, French songs and other French oriented activities. The club allows the students to experience, taste, feel, hear and speak like French.
Performing Arts Club
This club offers an unparalleled journey into the world of performing arts. This club conducts an indepth research into five performing art forms of Kerala and analyse how it contributes to the rich and colourful heritage of our state.
Debating Club
Effective speaking is one of the most essential arts that one needs to master and develop a vibeant personality. This club provides a platform for the students interested in public speaking and debates to sharpen their speaking skills.
Reading Club
This club aims to help students develop a love for reading. The club also enhances the critical and analytical abilities of the students by regular discussions and reviews the latest work as
well as the classics are taken up for close reading and analysis. There is a concerted effort at vocabulary building and giving a historical perception of literature.
Vibrant Fitness Club
Vibrant Fitness Club started with the aims of developing childrens’ self esteem and confidence. Their ability to overcome challenging situations improves. Students can develop further social skills, such as leadership and empathy. The club activities are Zumba Fitness, Aerobics, Yoga and different sports and games etc.
Film Club
This club functions in association with Kerala Chalachitra Academy. It aims to create an interest in all aspects of film making. A film fest is conducted annually.
Women on Wings
It is an innovation centre for skill development training and up gradation. It attempts to fulfil the broader objective of imparting skill enhancement training along with entrepreneurship development of the students of our college.
It is a club that aims at promoting interest in Malayalam literature through reading, discussions and meet the author sessions.
Mother Teresa Human Value Club
The club recognizes two great truths - “We cannot all do great things but we can all do small things with great love” and “The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”. Thus the main motive of this club is to groom a small band of young graduates who are sincerely committed to “human values” and who would comprise the next-generation torch-bearers of the “human values” movement and serve to restore peace in this world of unrest.
Ephphatha Club
This club aims to enhance the mind, body and well being of the members. Apart from training students physically through Karate and Yoga, they are given wholesome mental upliftment through meditation, moral and ethical classes.
Human Rights 
The club aims at creating an awareness among students on the importance of Human Rights. The students are made aware of basic human rights and its relevance. Students are also trained to perceive the gross Human Rights violations taking place in society and learn how to react against them.
Biodiversity Club                     
Under collaboration with the Kerala State Biodiversity Board, a Biodiversity Club is functioning in the College, the main objective of which is to carry out Programmes for conservation of local biodiversity in accordance with the State Biodiversity Acts. Under the patronage of the Principal, the PG Department of Environmental Sciences is entrusted with the activities of the Biodiversity Club. In addition, the Board has also sanctioned the prestigious ‘Santhisthal’ project to All Saints’ College in which one acre of land in the Campus is set aside for making a wood-lot with rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) species of flora.   
Bhoomithra Sena Club 
This club is constituted to address environmental issues and to build awareness among the students on the same. This initiative is supported by the Department of Environment and Climate Change. The club members maintain a biocompost unit for the management of food waste.
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 Ek Bharath Shrestha Bharath (EBSB)


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